CryptoBatz Discord Scamming: Our Response

On Wednesday 19th January, Sutter Systems, The NFT Studio that partnered with Ozzy Osbourne to create CryptoBatz, removed a ‘Vanity URL’ that linked to the CryptoBatz discord.

We removed this link solely in an effort to protect our core community from new outsiders coming in — it worked incredibly well as we protected hundreds of thousands of people from the bots, scammers and infiltrators that are all so common on Discord… resulting in a flawless Minting experience for the majority and CryptoBatz being one of the top 5 most popular projects on OpenSea.

However, on Thursday afternoon Sutter Systems were made aware that a scammer had now hijacked the old link and repointed it towards a fake Discord server imitating CryptoBatz and unfortunately managed to trick a handful of people to connect their wallets and give out their seed-phrases.

Within minutes of being made aware, Sutter Systems repeatedly reached out to the team at Discord to have the fake server taken down. We opened multiple support tickets, elevated to every contact in our network and even put out a Tweet warning people from the official CryptoBatz account.

On Friday, the fake server was taken down by Discord. Since then, Sutter Systems has been connecting with and reaching out to anybody that was affected by the scam and has already reimbursed the majority of people for what was stolen from them by these scammers.

Looking forward, we would like to see the Discord team implement more support for big creators on their platform. Scams and hacks like this are unfortunately way too common and the incident that affected CryptoBatz is by no means an isolated one.

In light of this, we are also working even harder to educate our community and inform them of how to be more careful in the NFT space and remind them that by no means should anybody ever give out their Seed Phrase on any platform.

We would also like to take this opportunity to make clear that Sutter Systems is solely responsible for the management of the CryptoBatz Discord; neither Ozzy or his team were or are involved in this side of CryptoBatz community management.




Our mission is to marry technology and creativity to push the boundaries of our reality

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Sutter Systems

Sutter Systems

Our mission is to marry technology and creativity to push the boundaries of our reality

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